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11th Sep 2011, 9:25 PM


Dear Reddit


Well I posted my Metal Grill: Solid Steak comic to /r/gaiming and looking at the site stats I've had 4,000+ page views from 1,000+ unique visitors. I find this interesting as I've only got 2 comics so far as I'm aware, but each person must be viewing more pages than that!! Or showing it to a few people. This makes me think there's a chance anyone from Reddit is likely to see this blog. So I'd just like to say, "Hey, thanks for looking at my comic. If I knew who you were I'd give you an upvote!" :3

Another interesting thing I noticed is that out of the 1,676 unique visitors and 4,441 pages views I've only received 15 upvotes and 9 downvotes. So 24 people (including me) have cast their opinion that's only 1.4%. Now you might say "how do you know all these people are from Reddit!?" Well, they didn't all come from my FaceBook and I can't see there being many people looking for my half day old web comic just yet. So yeah, I assume all of the traffic is from Reddit. I’m not going to lie, this isn’t really going anywhere. Just wanted to point out the massive percentage of lurkers on Reddit. Maybe try convince a few to get accounts?

So there you go, I know how people of Reddit love little bites of statistics that don’t really mean anything so you can go “hhmmm” and stroke your beard to, I know I do.


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